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eMule Xtreme 5.4.1

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eMule Xtreme 5.4.1

Autor: Xtreme Mod
Rozmiar: 6.35 MB
Pobrań: 57892
Dodano: 2007-11-27 00:26:15
Licencja: Freeware
System: MS Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Wersja językowa: Angielski

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Opis programu: eMule Xtreme 5.4.1

Jest to klient sieci oparty na silniku eMule, posiada bardzo wiele opcji w tym przyśpieszania ściąganych plików, posiada prosty interfejs. Jest to udoskonalona wersja eMule.

English specification:

Adjustable slotspeed
you can select your prefered slotspeed from 1.5 kbs to X. X depends how great is your uploadlimit, higher uploadlimit -> higher possible slotspeed. Max slotspeed is 10kbs.

the amount of slots are minimum ceil(uploadlimit/slotspeed), but new slots can be opened if the automatic slotcontrol want a new slot.
how this automatic works is easy to explain:
the upload is spread over all uploading clients in "full-mode". If one client can't take what you want to give the other clients get more. Now if the slotspeed of any client is 20% over the wanted, the next trickle-client becomes a full-client, if there is no trickle left, a new slot is beeing opened.
you can disable this automation at Xtreme-Setting: Open more slots if needed

Xtreme Downloadmanager
- you can manually drop FullQueue and NoNeeded-sources
- dropped sources will be rejected for 50 minutes
- also there is an automatic drop-function, which drops FullQueue and NoNeeded-sources
- additionally after 1,5 houers Xtreme begin to drop HighQR sources, if you don't have credits at them and they are over the average Querank
- you can swap manually A4AF-sources without the risk to get banned (Xtreme swaps only if it is allowed)

Xtreme Full Chunk
- it always transfers whole blocks (1 block = 180 kb)
- it transfers at least 2 MB. After reaching this 2,5 MB, Xtreme looks at the chunkboarder. Now when Xtreme see the client has finished one chunk the upload will be cancelled
- maximum transfer is like official: 9.32 MB

Detect files already downloaded
Shows a warning if a file with the same name or same hash has been already downloaded.

Downloaded History
Shows a list with all known files. You find this list at shared files

process prio
you can select the process-priority of Xtreme. This is the same if you select it via task-manager. Recommend: Above normal

show requested files
- from every list you can get to this menu via rightclick on a client. It shows which other files you want from this client.

Static server handling
- this option you can find at the server-settings. It prevent that static servers are deleted.

- it bans bad mods which are identified by bad Tags or bad modnames
- it also bans clients with too many failed downloadsessions.
- additionally you can ban clients where the username points to a bad client.
- additionally you can ban ghost mods. These are mods which sending mod-specific Tags but no mod-identification-string

friendhandling from all windows
- from every list you can add/remove a client to friendlist and give it a friendslot

IP to country
- see which country the clients are from

colour LowID-clients
- the background of client-version from LowId clients is painted yellow

- only avaiable for complete files:
- increased release-prio: if transfered <100MB or < 1.5 of filesize, very very high Prio, otherwise very high prio
- dynamic hide overshares: start with hideos=1, after 2/3 of the chunks are hidden, hideos will be increased

Chunk Selection Patch
- little improvement to find the rarest chunk

Show AVGQR instead of remaining-time
- instead of remaining-time of a file you see the average Queue position

see own credits
- at client-details you can see how many credits (the modifier) you have at the other client
- in downloadlist clients where you have credits are marked with a yellow symbol

SLS (save load sources)
- your last sources are written to disk, after restarting the mod you don't have to search them again

Reask sources after IP change
- after emule detected a new client-IP, it inform all you sources immediately of your new IP. So you don't loose any waiting position
- remark: it only works if you connect to a server after IP-change!

faster Updating of Queuelist
- the updating of your waiting-queue is much faster than official code

dynamic IP-filters
- clients which cause emule exceptions are filtered for 12 hours

Allow Bandwidth Settings in <1KB
- you can set your upload/downloadlimits more exactly, e.g. 14.4 kbs
- also works with webinterface

improved anti-failed uploadsessions
- only clients get into upload which where seen the last 30 minutes
- only clients get into upload which are using the ed2k protocol in the right way
- if Xtreme fails to connect to an uploading client, this client get an uploadslot on its reconnect to you (second chance)

Maella Bandwidthcontrol
- accurate measure of bandwidth: eDonkey data + control, network adapter
- included are the TCP + UDP-header, the ACK-packtes, the blockpackage-header

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